Lesson plans and activities designed by NW Noggin participants and volunteers.

*For a large list of (some of) the resources used during the planning stages of our many Summer Outreach Programs, click here!

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After Image Lesson Plan and Image Slide Show  – .pdf will open in a new window

  • Introducing visual system concepts such as rods and cones, as well as color theory
  • Participatory lesson: Can you make a painting that causes the viewer to see an after-image?
  • Full lesson plan from preparation to closure

Lobes Lesson and Mind Maps Project  – .pdf will open in a new window

  • An introduction to the basic parts of the brain
  • A quick and fun way to demonstrate parts locations
  • A creative way to teach the associated functions of each lobe

Download  – .docx

Zombie Brain Lesson and Activities  – .pdf will open in a new window

  • Prime students with brain areas and associated functions for Zombie activities
  • Draw the discussed structures and functions
  • Group and outside Zombie activities
  • Braaaaaains!

Download  –  .docx

Zoom Sequence Activity – .pdf will open in a new window

  • Convey the concept of a sequence, Structure = Function
  • Group activity to properly arrange a sequence of unknown images
  • Additional activity to create unique sequences

Download – .docx

Sheep Brain Dissection Guide – .pdf will open in a new window

  • Dissection instructions as used in the 2015 Summer Program MESA site @WSU-V
  • Materials needed (all available online) – sheep brains, dissection kit(s) including trays and tools, gloves
  • Created by Megan Slaker, WSU-V

Download – .docx

Keep checking back, there are more to come!



The following links contain information on some of what NW Noggin has taught, and explanations on how it was presented, including art activities!

Neuron Overview and Art Activity – link will open in a new window

  • Link to a useful NW Noggin post going over basic neuron info
  • Pictures of neuron pipe cleaner model art project

Pipe Cleaner Neuron Project  –  an example of the project in action


Synapse and Neurotransmitter Overview, Art Activity link will open in a new window

  • Synapse overview
  • Synapse and neuron worksheet examples
  • Clay model brain activity
  • Overview of neurotransmitters/drugs

Directional Terms and Sheep Brain Dissectionlink will open in a new window

  • Directional terms overview and worksheet
  • Sheep brain worksheet and dissection pictures
  • Videos and articles documenting NW Noggin’s outreach

First Visit Ideas and Worksheetlink will open in a new window

  • The Brain Game! worksheet introducing brain structures and functions
  • Link to another NW Noggin first classroom visit

Additional Neuron Art Activity, Overview, and Game – link will open in a new window

  • Neuron group art project
  • Brief neuron overview
  • MindFlex Duel game


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