Velo Cult

Velo Cult is the best of Portland, and the Pacific Northwest  –  a friendly community gathering space replete with suspended bicycles, welcoming bicycling experts, rich coffee, and a rotating tap list of superlative, flavorful beers!

And brains, too!

And ART, like the pipe cleaner neurons created by area high school students dangling above graduate students describing their latest neuroscience research on drugs, memory, chronic pain, ADHD, peri-neuronal nets, adolescent brain development, hearing loss, stress…

And artists  –  including musicians, visual artists, painters, sculptural metal artists, graphic designers  – who collaborate with graduate students on accessible public presentations of their work…

We LOVE to hear from both graduate students and post-docs curious about collaborating with artists and art students, and from art students and artists intrigued by working with young scientists on outreach events in schools and other community venues  –  including these public talks at Velo…

For more information, please email and…

NW Noggin Velo Cult events are always free, open to the public, child friendly, and feature access to amazing beer (scroll here for current tap list), wine, coffee, tea, sodas and sandwiches…

See what our Velo Cult presenters have done in the past…

Race, Bias & Brain

Feeling stressed?

Bathing your brain @ Velo

Drink Together, Stay Together?

Changing Brain Waves of Depression

Drunk mice on espresso – what could go wrong?

March for science with art & brains!

Feeling no pain @ Velo!

The Art & Science of Stress @ Velo

Is Your Brain Fractal?

The Science of Six Pack @ Velo

Redefining TBI through Art

Your brain is plastic @ Velo!

Helping Hair Cells @ Velo

Mushrooms and Meth @ Velo!

A Zombie Feast: Imaging Brains @ Velo!

I Feel Your Pain @ Velo!

Your creative, lying brain – at Velo!

Music @ Velo: Mouse syllables and guitar!

Waltzing Mice @ Velo!

Velo Cult:  A memorable crowd!

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