NW Noggin has started planning our return to the Capitol this fall, and to students in DC public schools!

The annual Society for Neuroscience conference will bring over 30,000 researchers to Washington DC in November (11/11 – 11/15), including many of our NW Noggin (nwnoggin.org) outreach volunteers…

NW Noggin brings together graduate and undergraduate collaborators from the Pacific Northwest, who since 2012 have developed and delivered their own arts-integrated instruction on the brain and behavior to over 10,000 academic priority students in Portland and Vancouver public schools…

We’ve offered talks from students in neuroscience and art at Portland’s Velo Cult, which last year informed more than 750 community members about federally funded research, and helped train graduates to present their work to a lay audience…

In partnership with the American Brain Coalition, the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), and the Phillips Collection, we plan to visit DC area public schools in November, and introduce students to graduates and undergraduates studying neuroscience, real human brains, and art projects designed to engage and inform young people about how their brains work.  SfN is offering complimentary conference attendance for our undergraduate participants!  We’re also exploring a public display of K-12 student artwork and graduate/undergraduate research during that same week.

We’d like to present select outreach volunteers, new research, art and evidence of outreach effectiveness to both the House Neuroscience and STEAM caucuses, as we did in 2016. The chance to examine, and work on a short art project will be included.  Three of the four caucus co-chairs represent Pacific Northwest districts where we’ve brought our student volunteers into classrooms and the community.

See what we did last spring in Washington..!

STEAMing to DC!

And what we did at the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego last fall…

A network grows in San Diego

Building excitement and awareness of discoveries in neuroscience through arts-integrated outreach across institutional, state, federal and generational lines trains new scientists to collaborate, and communicate, and increases awareness and support for further investment in brain research.

Stay tuned:  more details to come!

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