Chronic pain and Mary Jane


Post written by Ram Kandasamy, Neuroscience, WSU Vancouver Ram presented his graduate research on cannabinoids and chronic pain as part of a Washington State Psychological Association workshop in September, 2016;  a workshop that will also be offered at WSU Vancouver on November 5, 2016… EXPLORE MORE:  Art, Pain – and Pot?…

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Ventricles in Vancouver!


A few early mornings for our Noggin crew this week  –  in fact, it was likely too early for most adolescent brains… 😴 LEARN MORE:  Sleep in Adolescents: The Perfect Storm The first biology class at Fort Vancouver High School starts at 7:30am, so we discussed the importance of sleep, how teenagers need at least nine hours for…

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Art, pain – and pot?


NW Noggin presented a workshop for the Washington State Psychological Association (WSPA) on Saturday, September 10 at North Seattle Community College… A second workshop is planned for the WSU Vancouver campus on Saturday, November 5th… WORKSHOP SYLLABUS WSPA Art Pain and Cannabinoids 2016 Cannabis sativa from Vienna Dioscurides, 512 AD SLIDES FOR PART ONE Bill…

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Pikachu or Purkinje?


Northwest Noggin was ably represented at the Camas 4 Kids Health Fair in Camas, Washington this weekend by Joey Seuferling, the Noggin Resource Council member for hospital and health care outreach, who authored this post… It was a beautiful and brainy day at the Camas 4 Kids Health Fair where…

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La Alegría de la Ciencia

NW Noggin “charged” south  –  way south!  –  to the dramatic, artistically and scientifically rich central coast of Chile, to visit the region where neuroscience blossomed in the second half of the last century, and explore potential links with a celebrated outreach program in Valparaíso… Neurons, of course, carry messages  –  information about…

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Franklin and Phineas Gage

Some healthy frontal lobe development was underway in Portland Public Schools this morning..! Noggin volunteers were invited by the Academic Youth Development (AYD) program, a summer effort by PPS to socially and academically prepare new 9th graders for arrival in high schools this fall… Our outreach participants included Allie Clark, Jessica Patching-Bunch and…

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Bringing Neuroscience to Congress


Christie Pizzimenti, an enthusiastic outreach participant from Behavioral Neuroscience at OHSU, presented in the US Senate this spring during our Noggin “Brains + Art” tour of Washington DC.  She just published a guide for the Society for Neuroscience on how best to promote brain science on Capitol Hill! Bringing Neuroscience to Congress NW Noggin is…

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The Science of Six Pack @ Velo

“Oh demon alcohol, sad memories I can’t recall,” sang The Kinks, about excessive drinking and the risk of blackouts and other consequences.  Rob Oberdorfer, Levi Cecil and Evan Railton of the Neutral Spirits covered the song, along with additional ethanol-related tunes during a Noggin presentation by neuroscientist Andrey Ryabinin on why we imbibe…

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Flexing frontal lobes at Floyd Light SUN

We enjoyed some post-Fourth neural fireworks today at Floyd Light Middle School in the David Douglas School District, where middle school students were playing “brain games” this week through Multnomah County’s Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (“SUN”) summer program… Noggin volunteers included Erin McConnell, Alex Voigt, Gaile Parker and Lynette Wolf from Portland State University,…

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