NW Noggin volunteers LOVE collaborating with this critical community center for services and support for homeless youth.  P:ear provides a warm, welcoming, arts-filled educational space in downtown Portland, filled with caring staff and volunteers for young people, many of whom lack access to safe housing.

PLEASE DONATE:  P:ear: creatively mentoring homeless youth

Over the past few years, we’ve organized several series of weekly visits to P:ear, and had a terrific time discussing the brain, screen printing t-shirts, messing up taste buds with miracle berries, and attaching electrodes to measure our own cortical activity…

Noggin outreach participants must be at least 26 years old, and complete the mandatory volunteer training offered at P:ear a few times each year…

Learn more about the collaboration between Noggin and P:ear at the links below…

Homelessness and the Brain

Lateral Landscapes: Homelessness & Brain in Research & Art 10/19

Sweetness, Shelter & Savants

In an old Tri-Met bus on a landfill…

Noggin Printing @ P:ear

Making a human @ P:ear

Potential (electric and more) @ P:ear

Synaptic Shocks @ P:ear!

“Piriforming” @ P:ear

P:ear Plans: We’re coming back!

Noggin Wednesdays @ P:ear!

Peppered with questions @ P:ear!

Zombie Brain Training @ P:ear 🙂

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