Velo Cult Posters by Jeff Leake

Jeff has created some eye (and brain!)-catching work over the last few years, highlighting graduate student efforts in research and art…

Jeff Leake

His posters for Noggin outreach events at Velo Cult, a famed bicycle shop pub, have attracted many to free, collaborative science/art presentations in Northeast Portland, and have helped inform and excite the general public about current research and artwork in the Pacific Northwest…

1-Velo May 2014

2-Velo Oct 2014

Velo Cult: Megan Slaker & Dawn Nielson draw a memorable crowd!

3-Velo Nov 2014

Waltzing Mice @ Velo!

4-Velo Jan 2015

Music @ Velo: Mouse syllables and guitar!

5-Velo Feb 2015

Your creative, lying brain – at Velo!

6-Velo Mar 2015

I Feel Your Pain @ Velo!

7-Velo Apr 2015

A Zombie Feast: Imaging Brains @ Velo!

8-Velo May 2015

Mushrooms and Meth @ Velo!

9-Velo Oct 2015

Helping Hair Cells @ Velo

10-Velo Jan 2016

Your brain is plastic @ Velo!

11-Velo Mar 2016

Redefining TBI through Art

Jeff recently completed our campaign poster for an upcoming Noggin visit to DC

DC poster final2

You can see more of Jeff’s work at his website.

Jeff Ravens


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