Spies, Scouts & Scribes at Bonny Slope

All images and 4K video by Alex Voigt

Our third and final day at Bonny Slope Elementary, this time with well over 200 2nd and 3rd graders!  In the service of equity, our Spy, Scout, Scribe, Guard, Councilor and Wise Leader have introduced brains and art projects to every student in the school…

Bonny 3_7

Our Noggin Players reprised their drama about teamwork in the Land of Cerebrum, as neural networks become more structurally and functionally interconnected throughout childhood and adolescence.  The Wise Leader in our frontal lobes must coordinate complex activity to develop more effective social responses over time

Bonny 3_2

Bonny 3_3

Bonny 3_4

Bonny 3_6

Then we broke into smaller groups, and got creatively engaged in representing and performing what we’d learned about the various parts of our amazing, growing brains, which students got to examine and explore up close…

Bonny 3_9

Bonny 3_11

Bonny 3_15

Bonny 3_17

Bonny 3_18

Bonny 3_19

A pretty cool way to end our experience at Bonny Slope!  Many thanks to the teachers and staff at this welcoming Beaverton Public School

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