Noggin mug winner in Astoria!

Post written by Noggin volunteer Kim Engeln (OHSU)

Last weekend I hit the road to bring the neuroscience of caffeine and alcohol to beautiful Astoria, Oregon with Alfredo Zuñiga, Jacob Schoen, Jeff Leake, and Bill Griesar…

I was so excited to hear that our talk back in April at Velo Cult was a success…

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…and that I was given the awesome opportunity to share this talk with Astorians at the Street 14 Cafe.

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My photos illustrating Alfredo’s work showed portraits of volunteers under the influence of either caffeine, alcohol, or both substances, and I invited the crowd to guess which photos were taken during each of the three “treatment conditions” (at a brunch!). I added extra incentive for the crowd this time – whoever accurately identified all nine photos would take home a thematically appropriate NW Noggin mug!

The winner…? Chris Fontilla!

As always, the outreach was a blast, the science was fascinating, the conversations were enticing, and the real human brains grabbed everyone’s attention…

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