Neurons for the people!

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WHAT:  An evening of science and art making;  learn about brain cells and create your own!

WHEN:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 (6 – 8pm)

WHERE:  Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97213

NW Noggin Velo Cult events are always free, all ages, and open to everyone!

PRINT AND SHARE:  Noggin/Velo March for Science Pipe Cleaner Neuron Building poster PDF

By making your own brain cell..!

Pipe cleaner neurons are colorful, bright and visible, they demonstrate structural and functional facts about our nervous systems, and they allow for creative expression…

Brain cells also connect, linking to each other across short gaps called synapses, and form powerful networks that effectively route information and let organisms, including us, respond to changes in our world with organized and successful behavior…

Science works.  It demands that we test our hypotheses through experiment  –  and then gather the evidence, share information, replicate investigations, and critically interpret data from the real world…

Investing in scientific research produces results.  This approach has eradicated smallpox, developed deep brain stimulators to treat Parkinson’s, landed people on the moon, built computers and iPhones, lit our homes and brought us stunning photos and information from Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto  –  and Earth.

By linking up and following the evidence  –  properly routing real data and observable facts  –  our own networks of linked neurons have illuminated and explained, and inspire awe, wonder and curiosity about life, the universe, and everything…

We know, from countless school visits and community events, that researched answers to real questions about how we are built and function is something both kids and the public want to know, and understand, and appreciate, and consider, while enjoying that tingling, tantalizing sense of genuine discovery…

Please join us at Velo Cult on Wednesday, March 29 (6 – 8pm) to support sustained federal investment in research, education and outreach, learn about the diversity of brain cell form and function   –  and build your own neurons!

We’ll introduce you to the astounding diversity of brain cell types, including specialized sensory neurons that let you see, touch, and balance, large pyramidal cells, tiny granule cells, those wildly branching Purkinje’s  –  while you make your own!

How about a neuron from the claustrum..? (that’s a lot of pipe cleaners!)

LEARN MORE:  A giant neuron found wrapped around entire mouse brain

Did we mention that Velo Cult offers great beer, wine, soda, coffee and tea..?

Your pipe cleaner neuron can connect with others at Portland’s own March for Science on April 22  –  and we are thrilled to mail some of those you create directly to participants in the national march in Washington DC

DISCOVER:  Pipe Cleaner Neuron Project Background

CREATE:  How to make a pipe cleaner neuron

WATCH:  Making pipe cleaner neurons in the classroom

NW Noggin Velo Cult events are always free, open to the public, child friendly, and feature access to amazing beer (scroll here for current tap list), wine, coffee, tea, sodas and sandwiches…

SLIDES:  March for Science Velo 2017 (ppt)

SLIDES:  March for Science Velo 2017 (ppt)

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