Drugs, Genes & Waltzing Mice!

Tales from Genetic Research!


Mouse fanciers developed unusual, multi-colored, alcohol drinking, even “waltzing” mice  –  while scientists sought out rodents with unique behaviors and genes.

Amanda Barkley-Levenson, a graduate student in Behavioral Neuroscience at OHSU, and Kelsey Holland-Rayle, a student of illustration at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, will regale you with tales on the origins of research mouse lines while you enjoy a brew (or cider) (or soda!) and ponder genetic contributions to your own behavior…

WHAT:   Amanda Barkley-Levenson & Kelsey Holland-Rayle present
                 “Drugs, Genes & Waltzing Mice:  Tales from Genetic Research”

WHEN: FRIDAY, November 7th, 6 – 8 pm (arrive early for great brews, cider, soda 🙂

WHERE: Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR (www.velocult.com)
                  All ages welcome

Velo Cult donates $1/pint to neuroscience/art outreach efforts involving students from OHSU, WSUV, PSU & PNCA…

Hope to see you there & Cheers!
Bill & Jeff

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