ASSESSMENT: Feedback from schools

NW Noggin is dedicated to continually improving our programming in order to make it more educational, thought-provoking, and engaging for a wide range of audiences. In order to do so, we rely on input and feedback from our community partners, as well as the students, educators, and life-long learners who we work with.

If you have any feedback for NW Noggin regarding a recent experience with us, please click on the following link and respond in the space provided. Your responses will be kept anonymous. (*Note: If you wish to get in touch with NW Noggin, please instead see our “About” tab, subheading “Contact”).

December 2016: Quarterly Report

Where We Have Been Lately (July – December 2016):

In the latter part of the summer, 2016, NW Noggin visited 2 school-based camps for Middle and High school students (SUN @ Floyd Light MS, and AYD @ Franklin HS), and manned an interactive booth at the Camas for Kids Health Fair. Between the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year and the end of December 2016, NW Noggin brought their science and art enrichment knowledge and activities into 6 different primary and secondary schools (Fort Vancouver High, Vancouver iTech Prep, Skyridge Middle School, Battle Ground High, and Jefferson and Linda Vista Elementary Schools).

Not including the Camas Health Fair (which approximately 600 people attended), we estimate that at the school visits listed above, NW Noggin met with between 650 and 700 school-age children. In addition, NW Noggin members presented to college students at a PSU art class, gave a workshop for the Washington State Psychological Association, gave presentations at the Portland Art Museum and Gallery 114, presented at both the White House Frontiers Conference and the Society for Neuroscience Conference, and hosted 3 Velo Cult events.

Feedback From Classroom Visits

In July 2016, we began collecting feedback following our events for school-aged children from the adult educators in attendance at those events (e.g. teachers, camp counselors, parent volunteers, etc.). Mainly our aim was to find out how informative, audience appropriate, and engaging our event was from their perspective, and also how likely they would be to recommend NW Noggin to other educators. In an anonymous online survey, we asked both quantitative and qualitative questions regarding these topics, and gathered open-ended feedback as well.

The following graph shows quantitatively how informative, audience/age appropriate, and engaging the respondents of our survey rated us as, and how likely they said they would be to recommend us. The scale for responses was 0 to 4, with 0=Not at all and 4=Extremely.

*Page under construction– the qualitative information we collected is decidedly more helpful and informative for our purposes, and that will be coming soon!

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