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Graduate students in Behavioral Neuroscience and Neuroscience at OHSU are welcome to participate in various outreach activities, in winter term at Portland State University, during the spring semester at Washington State University in Vancouver, and during the summer in both Vancouver and Portland Public Schools…


Graduate students may join ongoing advanced undergraduate neuroscience classes at PSU or WSU-V by enrolling in a graduate teaching practicum course at OHSU (BEHN 650) in winter.  The syllabus for 2016 can be found here…
SYLLABUS BEHN 650 Practicum 2016

OHSU grad students

OHSU graduate students acquire valuable undergraduate teaching skills by preparing month long mini-courses covering ongoing research on a topic of their choice (e.g., drug dependence and abuse, learning and memory, adolescent brain development, epigenetics), and by teaching advanced PSU or WSU-Vancouver students about their currently funded work.

DRAFT syllabi from Portland State University (for winter term 2016) and Washington State University Vancouver (spring semester 2016) are available here…
SYLLABUS Advanced Neuro PSU 2016
SYLLABUS Adv 473 WSU-V 2016


For more information on how to enroll in this practicum, and how to complete and submit the required Teaching Activity Approval forms, please read through the BEHN 650 syllabus above.

Contact Suzanne Mitchell in Behavioral Neuroscience at mitchesu@ohsu.edu to enroll.  Please also email Bill Griesar at bgriesar@wsu.edu to confirm your interest in participating…

For general information on how to become involved with NW Noggin throughout the year, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Graduate students are also encouraged to participate in summer neuroscience outreach efforts, in both Vancouver and Portland Public Schools.

OHSU Grad students 2

For summer you supervise and mentor undergraduates, and help design and deliver high quality, creative, arts-integrated, collaboratively developed neuroscience programs to academic priority K-12 students in our community…


Students get excited about science, learn about their own developing brains, and see how to keep learning if this topic grabs them, from college to graduate school to jobs in teaching and research.  And you gain real world experience designing academic curricula, teaching and engaging students, and working directly with school professionals, undergraduates and kids..!


In summer 2015, our volunteers developed two middle school courses (at Sabin K-8 and Jason Lee K-8, in Portland Public Schools), one elementary and middle school program (at the Boys & Girls Club in Vancouver), and one WSU Vancouver-based high school outreach effort, through the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) program in Vancouver and Evergreen Public Schools


For reference, here are the specific dates/times for our 2015 summer outreach efforts…
*  June 22 – July 9, MTWTh, 9:15 – 10:20am for planning and prep
*  July 13 – July 30, MTWTh, 9:00 – 11:00am for course delivery in school

Additional details on our outreach efforts for summer 2015 are described in the following DRAFT summer course syllabi for PSU and WSUV…
SYLLABUS Outreach class 2015
SYLLABUS Outreach class WSUV 2015


There are typically a few generous, $750 OHSU Portland Alcohol Research Center (PARC) scholarships available as travel stipends for committed graduate participants in outreach each summer…

Interested students should contact Bill Griesar at bgriesar@wsu.edu…


Graduate students are also highly encouraged to join us to present a public lecture on their research interests at Velo Cult, a bicycle shop/event space/pub in NE Portland!  We pair you with an art student from PSU, or the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA), and you gain unique, useful experience introducing your work to the general public.

And $1/pint sold during presentations supports outreach in public schools… 🙂

To learn about past presentations by OHSU participants, please click on the links below…


Mushrooms and Meth @ Velo!


A Zombie Feast: Imaging Brains @ Velo!


I Feel Your Pain @ Velo!


Your creative, lying brain – at Velo!


Waltzing Mice @ Velo!




Interested in becoming involved with NW Noggin? We are very active in the community throughout the year, and if you want to discover more about our integrative approach to teaching neuroscience with art, and how you might share your growing passion and expertise, submit the form below and follow the instructions in the confirmation email. Cheers!

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