NW Noggin brings together students, scientists, educators, and artists to enthuse and inform academic priority K-12, and the public, about science and art. Our participants integrate arts to collaboratively develop outreach programs designed to be engaging and personally relevant. We seek to spark a lifelong interest in science and art, provide teaching opportunities, and foster understanding and enthusiasm for ongoing scientific research and art in our community.

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Many students struggle with academic achievement, and become disenchanted with school. There is a tremendous regional and national need to develop academic programs and approaches that successfully engage “academic priority” students, and offer them access to the social and economic benefits of further education.

Our efforts to bring together “near peers,” including undergraduates in science and art, to collaborate with graduate students on creating novel, innovative, multidisciplinary methods of explaining complex ideas in neuroscience, exposes these students to scientists and artists at various stages of their careers.

For K-12 students who may not know a working scientist, or a college student studying psychology, or art, or who have families without the resources to enroll them in costly after school or summer enrichment programs, this experience can be life-changing, and spark an enduring interest in learning about behavior and the brain.

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